Update: March, 18, 2018

Kronic Relief Jamaica has received their conditional licences from the Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA) of Jamaica.

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Why Jamaica?

Jamaica has a rich heritage and is often a trend setter in global culture. And, as the country that has been synonymous with Cannabis long before this new global push towards legalization, it would be a crime if Jamaica is not one of the nations leading this new “Green Rush”.  At Kronic Relief Jamaica we believe that we have the knowledge, expertise, contacts, and financial wherewithal to support Jamaica’s foray into this new Frontier.

  • Jamaica has a relatively close geographical location to most major markets

  • Agriculture and farming is already a major industry in Jamaica flourishing with skilled labourers

  • Jamaica has an ideal climate with an average daily temperature of 28°C/82°F

  • Sunlight varies throughout the year by +/- 2 hours which is ideal for farming and cultivating all year long

  • Jamaica has extremely rich soil that is ideal for farming cannabis

  • Jamaica is world renowned for its quality outdoor cannabis and “ganja culture”

  • Unemployment rate in Jamaica is estimated at 13.5% (October 2015, Statistical Institute of Jamaica)*

  • The unemployment rate for youth is considerably higher at 30.3%*

  • The average unemployment rate for women is double that for men: 18.5% vs 9.3%*

  • Jamaica’s skilled labour force and strong social and governance indicators remain its key assets*


Kronic Relief Jamaica would farm outdoors and in greenhouses. The ideal situation would be to purchase land that is currently being used for farming to take advantage of the infrastructure within preexisting farms such as well water or water collection units and solar panel systems. Alternately Kronic Relief Jamaica would purchase land and create an agricultural/farming system utilizing modern technologies with low environmental impact to the local ecosystem. Organic farming methods would be used whenever possible.


Outdoor Farming


Greenhouse Farming

Exporting: Global Market

Because the legal or licensed production of medical cannabis is in its infancy, much corporate and media attention has been focussed on the establishment of medical cannabis production regulations and the potential “green boom” when cannabis is decriminalized or legalized globally.

Currently, there is a limited international trade market for medical cannabis products, but this is likely to expand: Holland permits the import and export of medical cannabis; Germany, Italy and the Czech Republic reportedly are importers of medical cannabis; Uruguay recently legalized the production, sale and use of cannabis, and Uruguayan officials reportedly are considering the importation of medical cannabis from Canada; Israel is reported to become an importer of medical cannabis in the next three years.

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